Road warriors

Stash members are frequent travelers who want points as payback for all the nights they’ve spent away from home.

The proof

See how new guests added over $7,000,000 in revenue to NYC partner hotels over a 4-year period. 


By the numbers

Frequent travelers are 4 times more likely to consider loyalty program membership very important when selecting a hotel.

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Loyalty creates value

Loyalty members are 2-3 times more likely to book on your website than non-loyalty members.  

PhoCusWright, Inc.

In their words

This partnership puts a whole new audience in play, especially those ‘road warriors’ for whom loyalty points are a way of life.

Scott Grigelevich
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Lenox Hotel

You’ve read about how Stash has worked for others. Tell us about your hotel and our team will give you the straight-talk on how Stash can improve your unique situation. 

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Hundreds of new guests have discovered our hotels as a result of being part of Stash. Being connected to a network like this is a win-win.