In-person gatherings

Once a year, we bring partners together at the Stash Summit for face-to-face meetings, think tanks, panel discussions, group activities, and a few cocktails. 

Between Summits, smaller hotel advisory councils meet to discuss Stash plans, contribute ideas, and have a voice in how Stash evolves. 

Online community

Conversations take place daily on the Commons, an exclusive online community just for Stash partners. Here, partners discuss issues in forums, share successes, view real-time ROI reports, and access tools that help them manage the Stash program at their properties.

Leads exchange

When Stash partners refer group accounts to other Stash hotels, they earn incentives. The Stash Leads Exchange program provides clients with trusted recommendations for great hotels in other cities, and it creates a valuable new business channel for Stash partners.

Connect with us, we’ll connect you to a seriously powerful network of hoteliers, and a seriously valuable network of road warriors. 

Let's talk

The Stash Summit was great and I did gain a lot of information and further insight into the program. It is so valuable to connect with the other partner hotels.