What I love about Stash is the affiliation we have with other properties. Running cross-promos allows us to strengthen our partnerships and use them to everyone’s advantage.  

Jonathan Hansell
Hotel Manager
The Strand


The Lenox Hotel is an iconic, 214-room, 4-star property located in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood.  With over 100 years of character and history, The Lenox is a foundation in Boston.  

The Strand Hotel is located in the heart of the Fashion District in mid-town Manhattan. The property features 176 rooms and a one-of-a-kind rooftop lounge with an incredible view of the Empire State Building.


While the cities themselves have a long and storied rivalry, the folks at The Lenox and The Strand aren’t fazed by the hype and have become fast friends. Case in point - during the Stash Summit in New Orleans, managers from the two hotels discussed how they could work together. They wanted to figure out a creative way to use Stash to drive bookings during a slower time, while also growing awareness of the properties and the Stash program. Deciding on the Boston/New York rivalry and baseball season as the backdrop, they quickly crafted a unique promotion plan.


The Lenox and The Strand ran the same Stash deal during the designated time period (June-August), promoting it to travelers via email blasts, the Stash deals page, and social media.  All marketing messaging maintained the baseball rivalry theme.

The deal:

  • Double Stash points + 15% off BAR
  • 500-point enrollment bonus for non-members
  • 25% Amtrak discount for travel between the two cities 


More than 1,000 people clicked through from email and social media to learn more about the promotion and the two properties.

As a direct result of bookings made with the promotional code, the hotels collectively generated $20,200 in room revenue. Additionally, individuals who booked at either property within 10 days of receiving the email accounted for just over $100,000 in room revenue.


Learn how The Strand and The Lenox collaborated to develop this cross-promotion—straight from the source.  

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