12 one-of-a-kind, independent Stash partner hotels located in New York City.  


Hoteliers in all shapes, sizes, and locations share the common challenge of how to attract new guests to their properties. Some turn to deeply discounted promotions, others advertise, and many pay hefty commissions to online travel agencies. These tactics often come at a high cost. 


Independent hoteliers are discovering a more effective way to gain new guests: the Stash network. Stash partners enroll guests at their hotels, and then those guests discover and stay at other Stash partner hotels as a result of being Stash members. These network-referred guests create a substantial ROI for Stash partners.


168 Stash partner hotels across the U.S. enrolled 988 new guests who then stayed at 12 Stash partner hotels in New York City. These new guests accounted for 3,922 incremental room nights and more than $1.1 million in incremental revenue.

In addition, 2,854 Stash-enrolled guests (new members who sign up via the Stash website prior to staying at a Stash partner hotel) generated an additional 21,248 room nights and more than $5.9MM in revenue for these same 12 NYC properties.

The total new guest revenue for NYC Stash partners was $7,067,400.

The impact

New guests enrolled by other Stash partners and on the Stash site
Incremental room nights
Total new guest revenue

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