Simple set-up

Stash doesn’t require any changes to your existing systems. We’re already integrated into the leading CRS and channel management systems. Typical time to set up is only 2-4 weeks.

Easily award points

  1. Members stay at Stash partner hotels. 
  2. Each night, hotels send stay data to Stash.
  3. Stash deposits 5 points per dollar spent on eligible room rates into member accounts.  

Control redemption rates

Most chain rewards programs base the redemption rate—the price of a room in points—on a fixed category chart. So redemption pricing can’t respond to supply and demand.

With Stash, there are no category charts. You control the price of a room in points. That means your redemption rate isn’t determined by its category but by your revenue management strategy. Makes sense.

100% redemption reimbursement,
100% of the time

When a Stash member redeems points for a room at your hotel, you get 100% of the rate you set. Regardless of occupancy.

Redeeming Stash members are our best customers—and we want you to be happy to see them.

Monitor performance in real time

Our on-demand reports give you data on how Stash is working at your hotel, recapping member bookings, group and corporate bookings, redemption bookings, plus a cost summary and guest engagement metrics. 

Stash works. We’re happy to show you how. Tell us about your hotel and we’ll set up a custom demo.  

Get a demo

Stash seamlessly integrates into our day-to-day operations, allowing us to focus on creating guest experiences rather than program logistics.