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Annual spend on OTAs$287,438
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Savings from OTA share reduction$95,813

By the numbers

The average OTA share at independent hotels is more than twice that of chain hotels.

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New guests and incremental bookings

The booking engine is part of the entire Stash program at no extra cost to Partner hotels. Members can book "earn" and "redemption" stays while comparing the rates of properties right on the Stash website. This drives conversion and awareness of hotels, creating a dependable, measurable funnel of new guests and incremental bookings across the network. 

In their words

We ran a deep Stash Deal to drive mid-week stays, and it worked. On the surface, 5x points might seem steep. But I’d rather give the discount in points to loyal guests than pay the OTAs to fill rooms.

Norma Probst
Director of Marketing
Cranwell Resort, Spa, and Golf Club

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Points drive business. Not giving points has been a drawback for independent hotels. We can now compete head to head.