Low cost

Stash is a fraction of the cost of a soft brand or a chain “independent” collection.


Chain's "Independent Collection"


PIP PlanProbablyNever!
Contract length5-20 years1 year
Redemption payment20-40%100%
Must use chain's CRS and PMS systemsYesNo
Huge binder telling you how to run your hotelProbablyNo way!

No mandates

Stash gives you flexibility the chains don’t offer.

Real independence

Independent hotels are run by fiercely independent hoteliers, who don’t want—or need—to be told how to create extraordinary guest experiences. Those hoteliers, and the travelers who love independent hotels, know unique can’t be mass-produced.

Stash Founder and CEO, Jeff Low, explains the difference between soft-branded chain hotels and true independent properties in "A chain by any other name is still a chain" published by Hotel News Now.

Connect with us, we’ll connect you to a seriously powerful network of hoteliers, and a seriously valuable network of road warriors. 

Let's talk

The Stash program is the first one to get it right. We don't have to choose between a rewards program and our independent nature.