You thank someone for just staying with you, and they rebook right away. That's what Stash has done for the hotel.

Elyse Cottle
Director of Promotions
Caribe Royale

With Stash, we have an opportunity to strengthen the relationships that we work extremely hard to build with each of our guests. We’re now able to offer acknowledgement of what their loyalty means to us.

Mary Grace Gray
General Manager
Hotel Granduca

Our alumni community appreciates the opportunity to earn points for their frequent trips back to campus. Stash keeps our property top-of-mind every time they visit.

Mike Riccio
General Manager
Kent State University Hotel

Stash is a great tool. The cost is minimal, the room rate you get back for redemptions is your prescribed rate, not $25 or $50 like the brands force you to take on peak nights, and there are no blackouts. They feature your hotel in every promotion you participate in at no additional cost. And, NO—I’m not on their payroll; their program is that good! Chalk up ten points for independents.

Ed Reagoso
General Manager
The Wilshire Grand Hotel

We've won valuable meetings and events business by using Stash to incent business travelers and travel planners—a very competitive segment of the hospitality industry.

Jennifer Langham
SVP of Sales and Marketing
Greystone Hotels

Stash is the perfect alliance for us. It seamlessly integrates into our day-to-day operations, allowing us to focus on creating one-of-a-kind guest experiences rather than program logistics.

Jason Nies
Owner and GM
The Inn at Honey Run

Partnering with Stash allows us to offer our guests a points program that's extremely competitive with the programs at larger chain hotels.

Alex Bates
Area GM
Colwen Hotel Management

We kept hearing from our guests: We want a loyalty program.

April Callahan
Assistant General Manager
The Hotel at Arundel Preserve

After seeing the substantial lift in business by offering points to corporate accounts, there is no doubt in my mind of the added value that Stash brings to our hotel.

Jonathan Hansell
Hotel Manager
The Strand Hotel

Joining Stash was a no-brainer for us. We’re now in a position to grow our group business, reward our guests with additional benefits, and align ourselves with a network of one-of-a-kind properties across the country.

Keith Purcell
Director of Sales and Marketing
AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center

With Stash we can now capture the attention of frequent business travelers by coupling a rewards program with our unique experience.

Cecil Childress
General Manager
The Blennerhassett Hotel

This partnership puts a whole new audience in play, especially those ‘road warriors,’ for whom loyalty points are a way of life.

Scott Grigelevich
Director of Sales and Marketing
The Lenox Hotel

I love, love Stash—they are so professional and a joy to work with.

Barb Shadomy
Stonehurst Place

For over a decade we have searched for a program that would allow us to reward our guests in a manner consistent with their needs, and Stash Hotel Rewards is exactly the program we’ve been seeking.

Eric Rosenbaum
Vice President
Sierra Lodgings, Inc.

Stash is perfect for travelers who appreciate properties that offer one-of-a-kind guest services. It's a program that values the uniqueness and individuality of its independent hotel partners.

Jim Glanville
General Manager
The Essex Resort & Spa

Our corporate clients now have the opportunity to take their families to properties that are different—properties that aren't like every other cookie-cutter hotel experience.

Alicia Montefusco
Corporate Sales Manager
Viana Hotel & Spa

Competing with the large hotel brands in our area has been a challenge – but Stash allows us to get an even footing against those hotels.

Rebecca Day
Hotel Manager
Bear Creek Mountain Resort

At first we weren't sure, so we just added one property to Stash, our Houston hotel. Within a couple of months, we saw Stash was a grand slam. Now, every hotel we manage is in the program. It just works.

Mike Pratt
VP Sales & Marketing
Stout Street Hospitality

We wanted a program that allows us to reward our loyal guests and align with like-minded hotels. Stash is a perfect fit for us.

John Graf
President and CEO
The Priory Hotel

Points drive business. Not giving points has been a drawback for independent hotels. We can now compete head to head.

Yogi Hutsen
Coastal Hotel Group

Stash has developed an incredible tool that helps us take better care of our guests and complements what we do best: providing friendly and generous reception and creating one-of-a-kind guest experiences.

Josh Henegar
Corporate Revenue Director
1859 Historic Hotels

The Stash program is the first one to get it right. We don't have to choose between a rewards program and our independent nature. We are able to maintain our deep connection with Saint Mary’s College, while still honoring our devoted guests.

Kim Kudelka
General Manager
Inn at Saint Mary’s

Hundreds of new guests have discovered our hotels as a result of being part of Stash. Being connected to a network like this is a win-win.

Let's talk about how Stash can bring more new guests, more loyal guests and more opportunities for you to win group business.

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