Stash was created to help independent hotels compete with big chains. So, naturally, you must be independently owned. Small collections are fine. Giant monolithic, multinational hotel conglomerates?  No way. 


Stash partner hotels have a certain "je ne sais quoi." Which is French for a "one-of-a-kind guest experience that you want to write home to your friends about." 


Stash partner hotels are loved by travelers, with average recommend ratings of 84% on TripAdvisor, higher than the large chain programs.

Impressive list of partner properties; Kimpton has a challenger!

Laura N., Placitas, NM

I really love boutique-type hotels, and Stash has a great selection of these hotels.

Billie B., Bonita Springs, FL

This is the coolest thing ever. No more cookie cutter hotels!!

Bonnie O., Tacoma, WA

Bravo! I love this new rewards program. I purposely never stay at large conglomerate hotels—I prefer an experience that is more intimate and luxurious.

Heidi F., Minneapolis, MN

You’ve read about how Stash has worked for others. Tell us about your hotel and our team will give you the straight-talk on how Stash can improve your unique situation. 

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Within a couple of months, we saw Stash was a grand slam. Now, every hotel we manage is in the program.  It just works.