Attract frequent travelers

Small in number, enormous in impact

Chart frequent travelers

Frequent travelers represent just 10% of all travelers, yet book 44% of room nights.* On average, they spend more than 30 nights per year on the road.

After all those nights away from home, these road warriors want something back. That explains why, according to Market Metrix, they're four times more likely to consider loyalty program membership very important when selecting a hotel.

Give road warriors what they want

Frequent travelers want their business travel to get them closer to a romantic getaway. Or a family vacation. To make up for all the family dinners they've missed.

They'll settle for sameness to save for something extraordinary. Which we think they shouldn't have to do.

Stash allows travelers to earn the points they need when they stay at one-of-a-kind independent hotels. So each and every stay can be meaningful.

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* McKinsey Quarterly, September 2004