Everyone's been told that getting there is half the fun.

But what about the other half? The being there half? The promise of landing in the middle of fun (or adventure or excitement or just something new) is why we go to such lengths to temporarily uproot ourselves from the places we call home. We travel for experiences that are fantastic for their unfamiliarity.

But we find ourselves settling for very un-special places: chain hotels. Usually, because we couldn't resist the siren call of reward points. Those amazing little numbers have the magical ability to transform a year of have-to business trips into a can't-wait getaway. Sadly, those points come with a price: the same exact hotel experience in every city. 

We decided to do something about it. Stash frees travelers from the tyranny of chain hotel sameness by awarding points for stays at amazing independent hotels. So even if the trip is routine, the hotel stay won’t be. 

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Finally, stay somewhere with some oomph and get the points you want need. Check in somewhere remarkable and check out a more rewarding way to travel. Join now.

Stay you. Just a more successful you. We don’t change you, we just give you the tools to attract new guests and keep them coming back for more. Learn more.

Future Stashies
Are you awesome and like working with equally awesome people?  Then join us!  Beyond the standard medical/dental/vision benefits, we also have some unique ones.  Like flexible working environments, a "forced vacation" policy (don't worry, it's a good thing), and even "mandatory" hotel stays - on us! Not bad, eh? Check out our jobs