So many new guests have discovered Monterey Plaza Hotel as a result of Stash. Turning them into loyal, repeat guests is easier since they are already Stash members.

John Narigi
VP and General Manager
Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa


Dramatically perched over Monterey Bay, Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa is a 290-room European-style luxury hotel located along California’s central coast. It offers the perfect vantage point to enjoy the gentle sounds of the surf and views of baby otters playing in the bay.


Although the hotel offers incredible architecture, superior service, and an outstanding location, it faces the same challenge that plagues all hoteliers: how to attract new guests to fill rooms. 


After becoming a Stash partner, the management team at Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa discovered they had a new way to gain new guests: the Stash network. Stash partners enroll guests at their hotels, and then those guests discover and stay at other Stash partner hotels as a result of being Stash members. These network-referred guests create a substantial return for Stash partners.


Over a 2-year period, Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa gained nearly 300 new guests from the Stash network. In total, these guests contributed 811 room nights and more than $200,000 in incremental revenue for the hotel.

The impact

New guests enrolled by the Stash network
Incremental room nights
Total new guest revenue

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