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Everyone's been told that getting there is half the fun. But what about the other half? The being there half? The promise of landing smack-dab in the middle of fun (or adventure or excitement or just something new) is why we put ourselves in motion. It's why we go to such lengths and hassle to temporarily uproot ourselves from the places we call home. We travel to immerse ourselves into experiences that are enriching, invigorating, and are fantastic for their unfamiliarity.

But instead, travelers often find themselves settling for very un-special places. They're there because they just couldn't find anything better. Or because they couldn't resist the siren call of reward points…those amazing little numbers with the magical ability to transform a year of have-to business trips into a can't-wait, life-changing getaway.

It was time to do something about it. To free travelers from the uninspired offerings of existing hotel reward programs by making it as easy to book a stay at an amazing hotel as it is a so-so one, and to rack up those irresistible points while doing so. It was time for Stash Hotel Rewards.

At Stash, we believe in the happiness producing power of traveling to places that convey a unique and interesting story — places with soul. It's a belief we share with the independent hoteliers and the independently-minded travelers our company was created to serve.

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