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Free nights really fast.

Want free stays at independent hotels? Stash makes it easy to earn points that never expire.

Find a Hotel. Book 150+ Stash Partner Hotels or nearly 400,000 others.

150+ Partner Hotels

At Stash, we have high standards for the hotels in our Partner Hotel network. They’re located anywhere from city centers to secluded tropical beaches to adventerous mountain sides. No matter where, all Stash Partners are:
  Independently run, unchained hotels
  Beloved (Average TripAdvisor Rating of 87%)
  Each individual and unique, like you!

400k Worldwide Hotels

But we know you can’t always stay at a Partner Hotel. In those times, you can keep dreaming about those free nights at Stash Partners. You can earn Stash points on nearly 400k worldwide hotels when booking on StashRewards.com

Why Independent Hotels?

No one wants to go vacation at a bland chain hotel. Independent hotels embody the unique, local experience.
Stash charges ZERO commission to our partners when you book on our website (unlike the big travel sites that charge them 15-25%)! That’s more money that stays in the community.
Together, we'll ensure there is always a unique experience where ever your travels take you.

Thanks for joining us on the mission to keep Travel Less Ordinary. Welcome to Stash.

Find a Hotel. Book 150+ Stash Partner Hotels or nearly 400,000 others.