Finally, a loyalty program
that loves you back.

Only stay at amazing hotels.

We’re proud to be picky about hotels. We bet our reputation that you’ll love these independent hotels too.

No blackout dates. No expiration dates.
You earned them; use them when you're ready.
5 days from now, or 50 years from now.

Earn free nights, fast.

Earn 5 points per $1 on eligible rates at Partner Hotels. And score 1 point per $1 at all the other great independent hotels booked on our site. Points add up quick!
Book on, earn anywhere.

With hundreds of independent hotels in the collection, you can pile up the points pretty much anywhere.

What does it take to be a
Stash Partner?

Stash Partner Hotels are family to us. And when you stay at a Stash Partner Hotel, you're family too.

Stash Partner Hotels have a proven track record of taking extra good care of members. They're experts on Stash and they work hand-in-hand with us to make sure your stay exceeds your expectations. Whether you are earning points or redeeming them, you'll be in good hands at any Stash Partner Hotel. 

REDEMPTION EXAMPLES: Partner Hotel rate examples for illustration purposes only based on estimated number of Stash points needed to earn a free night at identified hotels within the next 14 days. Actual number of points needed is subject to change based on a number of factors, including seasonality & occupancy rate.

"Stash has created a network of boutique properties where you can earn points for free nights. Now that's something we can all use more of."