Stash Hotel Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards you for staying where you really want. With Stash, you earn and redeem points for free nights at authentic, independent hotels across the U.S. and the Caribbean — so you can say no to the big, bland hotel chains.
It's easy. First, click Join Now to enroll. It's free and only takes a few minutes. Then, stay at any Stash Partner Hotel and earn five points for every dollar you spend on eligible room rates prior to taxes. Earn enough points and you can redeem them for free stays at any Partner Hotel. Go here for more information.
Stash Partner Hotels represent some of the best upscale and luxury hotels in the U.S. They are:
  • Independent: Not part of a big chain
  • Highly recommended: On average, a TripAdvisor "Recommend" rating of over 80 percent
  • Distinctive: One-of-a-kind properties that truly reflect their locales
  • Recognized: Many have appeared in Condé Nast Traveler or Travel+Leisure
Stash Partner Hotels average between 150-200 rooms. Big enough to provide amenities found at chain hotels, but small enough to create a more personal guest experience.
Click on Hotels to see a list of Partner Hotels and locations. Check back often, since new hotels partner with us all the time.
Sure. Just contact the Stash Hotel Partnerships team through our Member Support form.
Contact the Stash Hotel Partnerships team at We'll be happy to look at your hotel to see if it meets our criteria. You can also find more information here.
We use information from the hotels, guest comments, our own experiences, and other sources to create a vivid profile of each hotel. Hotel staff reviews our descriptions to ensure accuracy. 
We base our star ratings on a set of industry standards and our own assessment of service, amenities, reputation, and location. We also consider the ratings given by travel sites and travel guides to ensure our ratings match our member's expectations.
No. Stash is not a management company or a chain of hotels, and therefore, it does not play a role in managing or operating the Stash partner hotels. Instead, all operating decisions are made by hotel management. Policies may differ by Stash partner hotel, since they are all independently owned and managed.
Visit our Deals page to view the current promotions offered by Stash Partner Hotels. 
Use this form to contact our Member Support team or call us at 866.229.1204. Our team is available 7 days a week from available M-F 5am-7pm PST and S-S 7am-5pm PST to take your calls, and we respond to all email inquiries within 2 business days.

Stash was created for people who believe that travel is one of life's great pleasures. As a Stash Member, you can:

  • Experience independent hotels and earn points: Until now, only the big chains offered rewards programs. With Stash, you can stay where you want and earn points toward free nights. That means every trip — even a business trip — can be an opportunity to truly experience a place.
  • Find great independent hotels: The Stash web site features detailed hotel descriptions, maps, advanced search and plenty of photos to showcase the unique characteristics of Partner Hotels. The hard part is choosing one.
  • Redeem easily: There are no blackout dates for redemption and points never expire. You can pick any room at any Stash Partner Hotel you want, subject to availability.
Just click on Join Now and enter your information to begin enrollment. It's free and only takes a few minutes. You'll receive a confirmation email once we process your membership. You can return to My Account at any time to change your account information or update your preferences.
Your email address is your Stash member ID. Use the email address associated with your Stash account when making your hotel reservations.
Information may be shared with Stash partner companies, per our Privacy Policy.
It's easy. Go to My Account and make any changes. We'll send you a notification email of any changes made to your email or password.
Your points should appear soon after you complete your stay at a Partner Hotel (although in some cases it can take up to 14 days). If you have questions about whether your points have been recorded, contact us at Member Support.
Go to Forgot Password page and enter your Stash member ID email address. We'll send you an email with a link in it to create a new password. To ensure delivery to your inbox, please add to your address book.
Membership is open to adults (see Terms). Corporations, travel agencies, associations, groups and/or other entities are not eligible to become Members. There is no fee to become a Stash Member.
Please do. To let other travel lovers know about Stash, visit the Invite Friends page. You must be logged in to your account to view your personalized link.
No problem. You can opt out of receiving your monthly account balance email and/or marketing emails by going to the Communication preferences section of the My Account page. Please note, you will still receive email notifications any time you earn points at at Stash Partner Hotel.
If you choose to delete your Stash Rewards account, any points you have accrued will be forfeited. 
You earn points when you complete an eligible stay at a Stash Partner Hotel. Just make sure to inform the front desk at check-in that you are a Stash member and confirm that they have your Stash member ID (email address) correctly in their system. That's all we need to process your rewards. Please note it can take up to 2 weeks for points to post to your account.
You earn five Stash Points for every dollar you spend on eligible room rates. Accelerate your earn rate at partner hotels to 8 points/dollar with the new Stash Rewards Visa Credit Card. Learn how here.
It depends. You always earn five Stash Points for every dollar you spend on eligible room rates. Since each hotel sets its own room rates, the points you'll earn per stay will vary. For example, a two-night stay at a $150 room rate will earn you 1,500 points (5 pts x 150 dollars x 2 nights), while a three-night stay at a $200 room rate will earn you 3,000 points (5 pts x 200 dollars x 3 nights). Accelerate your earn rate at partner hotels to 8 points/dollar with the new Stash Rewards Visa Credit Card. Learn how here.
An eligible stay is a room booked on our website or directly with the hotel rather than booked through a third-party agent like Priceline. However, there are some situations where a direct booking through the hotel may not earn points (e.g., certain deeply-discounted rates). Refer to the Terms for more details.

Any stay booked on the Stash website will qualify for Stash points (except for stays booked using points). Simply visit our homepage, start by entering in your desired hotel or location, then provide your date and guest information to view available rooms and rates. From there you will be able to complete your booking in a few easy steps. You can also book eligible stays through the hotel directly.

Of course! Visit My Account to review reservation details under Upcoming Trips. Please note, if you booked your reservation on the hotel’s website, your reservation will not appear in your Upcoming Trips.

At this time, we do not have the ability to update an existing reservation via our website. However, you can book a new reservation with the changes needed, then cancel your original reservation.

Visit My Account and locate your reservation under Upcoming Trips. Click on the trip you wish to cancel to see all the details, then click the “Cancel” link next to your reservation. Make sure to review the cancellation policy and check the box confirming that you have done so before submitting your request. You will receive a cancellation email and your cancelled stay may be viewable in your Upcoming Trips for up to 3 days after your cancellation has been processed.  

The hotel staff can see your rewards balance when they check to see if you are a member, but cannot make any updates or changes to it.  To see per-stay information and keep track of your balance, go to My Account.
Yes. As long as you personally settle the charges for the room reservation upon check-out, you are eligible to earn points. Just make sure you use the email address associated with your Stash account when you make the reservation. Also, advise the individual staying that they need to confirm that your Stash member ID email address is recorded with their reservation prior to check-out.
Yes. You can book up to two eligible rooms for the same dates and earn points on both of them.
Currently, points are only awarded on eligible room rates. However, with the Stash Rewards Visa Credit Card, you are awarded points on all purchases.
No. Stash Points do not expire. However, we may deactivate your account if it has been more than 18 months since you earned or redeemed Stash Points. But don't worry, we are not currently deactivating any accounts, and we will contact you via email if this changes. 
Stash Points are only awarded to the member who uses the email associated with their Stash account when making the reservation. Only one member can earn points for a stay.
If it has been 14 days since your stay at a Stash Partner Hotel and you do not see the points in your account, contact Member Support.
Go to My Account to check your points balance at any time.
No. We are not able to award points for staying at a hotel prior to the date they went live with our program.
No. We're not able to award points for stays after a hotel has left the Stash program. 
Members may earn points for up to 29 nights of an extended stay, per our Terms.
No. At this time, only you can use your points. However, you may Redeem points for another person's stay by submitting a redemption request via our Redeem page and entering the other person's name as the Guest. 
No. At this time, points can only be used for Stash program benefits.
Points are only awarded for bookings made on our website or directly with the hotel. Bookings made through online travel agencies like Travelocity and Orbitz or discount sites like Priceline and Hotwire are not eligible to earn Stash Points. Also, stays paid for via gift card, gift certificate, or third-party voucher (e.g. Groupon) do not qualify for points. See our Terms for more details.
To earn points for an eligible stay, make sure you are enrolled as a Stash member and confirm that the Partner Hotel has your Stash ID email address on file before you check out.

We realize your travel plans may take you to places where we do not yet have Stash Partner Hotels. When booking your stay, if you search for a city where there are no Partner Hotels, we will let you know. And to make things easy, we’ll provide a link to continue the search you have already started on Simply click this link to visit and explore your options. Stays booked through will not qualify for Stash points.

If you see the link to proceed with your search on, that means we don’t currently have any Partner Hotels in the city you are searching. Our goal is to make your hotel booking experience as easy as possible, so rather than visit a new site and start your search from scratch, you can simply click the link to view the results of the search you have already started and complete your booking in a few easy steps. Please note, reservations booked on do not qualify for Stash points, and any changes/cancelations must be done through directly.

You will need to change/cancel through directly. Please use the links provided in your confirmation email to do so, or contact Customer Service.

Stash points can be redeemed for free stays at Stash Partner Hotels.
You can redeem points at any Stash Partner Hotel. For a list of properties, click here. The number of points required for a free night varies according to hotel, room type, and demand. Rooms may sell out, so you should make reservations as early as possible to get the hotel, room and dates you want.
It depends.  Redemption rates vary by property and the partner hotels set redemption rates dynamically, based on the cost of and demand for a room. During slow periods, Stash partner hotels can offer rooms at a deep discount, and members can redeem using fewer points. During busy times, partners may increase redemption rates, in the same way that airlines charge more for a flight when demand is high.  You may need more points for a free night during busy periods, but unlike many of the large chain programs, Stash partner hotels don’t blackout dates at peak season.

Visit our Redeem page. Enter the City or Hotel you'd like to visit, the dates you want to travel and the number of guests. In the search results list, select a hotel and click "Choose Room". Once you determine your desired room, click the button with the rate reflected in points. Once you submit your request, you'll receive a confirmation with reservation details or an email from Stash within 24 hours. 

Due to technical limitations, we may not have the most current rate and availability information available for some of our partner hotels. In this case you will see the option to “Request Availability” next to the room description. Please proceed with submitting your request, and we’ll reach out to the hotel for current rates and availability for your requested stay. You’ll hear back from us within 1 business day and if your requested room is available, you’ll need to confirm your desire to book at the rate provided before we proceed with booking your reservation.
No. You can only redeem points on the Stash site.
At this time, cash is not accepted. You need to have enough points in your account to cover the room you want. But we hope to allow members to supplement their points with cash in the near future.

Review your account balance in the My Account section and determine how many nights you are able to book at the hotel with points, then complete your redemption booking for those night(s) on our Redeem page. After you receive the confirmation from Stash, you can book the additional night(s) through our website or the hotel directly (be sure to book the same room type). Please include the confirmation number and dates of your redemption reservation in the reservation notes to indicate to the hotel that you would like these 2 reservations linked together. We cannot promise that you will be guaranteed the same room for the entirety of your stay, but the Partner Hotels will do the best they can to accommodate you.

No. As long as you have sufficient points, you can book as many free nights as you'd like.
No. Points can only be redeemed for free nights at Partner Hotels.
No. Our goal is to connect travelers with one-of-a-kind independent hotels. By staying focused on that goal, we hope to provide more value than any other hotel rewards program.
You must contact Stash to change or cancel a reservation booked with points. You can do so by calling our Member Support Team at 866.229.1204 (available M-F 5am-7pm PST and S-S 7am-5pm PST), or email us via our Member Support form.

Please submit a new redemption request via our Redeem page for one or more nights of your existing reservation for the same room type you’ve already booked. Once your Stash reservation is confirmed, you can then cancel that night(s) covered by points off your existing reservation. If you’re paying for additional nights on a separate reservation, be sure to add notes in the “Room Preferences” portion of your redemption request that you are staying additional nights, and we’ll request that the hotel keep you in the same room for your entire stay. 

The Stash Visa Card is the only card where you can earn 3x points when staying at Stash partner hotels.  It is also the only hotel loyalty card where you can earn 2x points for staying at any hotel, even chains (and 1x on every day spend.)*  Learn more

*Based on independent research conducted September 1, 2015.
You earn 3x points at Stash partner hotels, 2x points on all other hotels, dining, and gas, and 1 point for all other purchases.
Besides earning points on every transaction there are: 
  • No blackout dates
  • Points never expire
  • All cardholders receive 10% of the points total back after each redemption (1)
  • No foreign transaction fees (2)
  • Annual fee ($85) waived for the first year
  • And for a limited time, cardholders earn 10,000 bonus points if they spend $1500 on their card in the first 90 days after account opening. (3)
  • Learn more
(1)Subject to credit approval. See Stash Program terms for details.  (2) For new accounts: Variable Purchase APR is 15.99%.   Minimum interest charge is $1.00. APR is accurate as of 9/1/2015 and will vary with the market based on the Prime rate as defined in your credit card agreement. Annual Fee of $85 waived for first year. (3) Points will be credited to your Stash Program account 1-2 billing cycles after the required purchases are posted to your Stash Visa Card account. See Stash Program Terms for points details.
Anywhere that accepts Visa®.
Yes. If you are not already a Stash member, you can enroll during the card application process or here on the website.
Points earned via the Stash Visa Card will be reflected in your account 7- 10 business days after your billing cycle for the credit card.  
10% of the total points from your redemption stay will be awarded into your account automatically within 3 days of checking out of the hotel after your stay.  
You can see your total points in the My Account section of the Stash website. It will say "Stash Visa Card Points Earned for" and then the monthly date of your billing statement. You can see your per-category spend on your paper or digital credit card statement. 
For questions regarding credit card charges and earning, please contact Synchrony Bank Customer Service at 1-855-485-6325.
No.  You will continue to be a Stash member and retain your points.  You will also continue to earn points for any eligible stays at Stash partner hotels (unrelated to credit card charges).
If you are a Stash Visa Card holder, if you delete your account you will no longer accumulate Stash points on credit card earnings. You must also be a Stash member if you want to use points for a redemption stay.