Meet the Stash Team

We’re a close-knit group who love to see each other—and our partners—succeed. We’ve named ourselves “Best Place to Work” every single year since our launch in 2010. Wherever we go, we go all out. In addition to being globe-trotters, Stash employees are autonomous, creative, and passionate. And let’s not forget nice.

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Are you awesome and like working with equally awesome people?  Then join us!  Beyond the standard medical/dental/vision benefits, we also have some unique ones. Like flexible working environments, a "forced vacation" policy (don't worry, it's a good thing), and even "mandatory" hotel stays - on us! Not bad, eh? Check out our jobs


Alex Zesch | Technology | Pittsburgh

Alex is officially on the Technology team but every other team claims him as “theirs” too. He has a unique combo of marketing know-how, hospitality chops, and software engineering mastery. A high-tech handyman!

Alieta Gregg | Support | Seattle

Alieta rocks the redemptions corner of the Support office. She coordinates with members and partners to make sure everyone is pumped to exchange some points. When not working, she's on another "epic" adventure.

Andrea Archer | Hotel Partnerships | San Diego

Andrea is a competitive water skier. What’s that got to do with work? Everything. She takes on projects full-throttle but has the precision and skills to make it look easy. Andrea has a "go-big-or-go-home" approach that serves her (and Stash!) well. 

Anna Heberer | Hotel Partnerships | Long Island, NY

Anna is the funny, feisty, and friendly on-boarding expert who works with new partners to be sure they are properly welcomed into the network. She’s also our New York City expert. Entertaining finicky clients, or teenagers? She’ll hook you up.

Ashley Bullock | Support | Seattle

Ashley liaises between our partner hotels and our partner hotel advocates – she’s the middlewoman. Oh, and nbd, but she also manages the mountainous task of invoicing and accounting. Outside the office, Ashley enjoys a game of pool and spending nights at hotels with cool names like Cottage Yes Please.

Audrey Yates | Support | Seattle

Audrey does a little of this and a little of that on the Support team, and it adds up to a whole lot. From point delays to redemption stays, she is here to keep our members coming back for more.

Beth Dawson | Support | Seattle

Beth leads the merriest (and loudest) group at Stash — the Support team.  Making sure everyone is taken care of is no small task, but Beth always rises to the occasion.

Booth Hodde | COO | Middlebury, VT

Booth ensures the company and the team is moving forward. Even-keeled and ever-insightful, he manages to juggle hundreds of initiatives without breaking a sweat. He’s also known for his great hair and...                 ...dramatic pauses.

Cristian Guzman | Hotel Partnerships | Seattle

Cristian is the John Stockton to the sales team’s Karl Malone. He’s the assist man, the guy who sets up the open shot, layup, slam dunk. He enjoys playing and following soccer and basketball. And Cristian is one of those lucky people who have the magical ability to fall asleep instantly on the plane.

Crystal Frankenbery | Marketing | Seattle

The palette from which Crystal draws her inspired design work is covered in a life of adventure and travel. Between spontaneous sunset ferry rides and mountain-top sunrises (she believes the best sunrise viewing is from a summit), Crystal’s lust for life shines bright. Crystal is the graphic designer at Stash.

Dan Arrington | Technology | Seattle

Dan quietly solves problems with brilliant software solutions and deadpan humor. We’re convinced that Dan can make the internet do whatever he wants. He uses his powers to build awesome things (and find profound cat gifs).

Danielle Pitonyak | Hotel Partnerships | Philadelphia

Danielle is busy building the network of extraordinary hotels. It's always sunny wherever Danielle is. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Otherwise we would demand she relocate to Seattle.)

Emily McFadden | Marketing | Seattle

Emily brings strategic chops, creative talent, and a mostly-appropriate sense of humor to Stash. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to a good idea, a great project, antiquated slang or terrible puns.

Frank Couzo | Partner Advocacy | Orlando

Frank has served as a Partner Advocate since day one.  He’s a true pro with heaps of experience as a hotelier. As a Floridian, he frequently comes face-to-face with alligators. We suspect that is why nothing ever seems to rattle him.

Jeff Low | Founder & CEO | Palo Alto, CA

Jeff sets strategy, nurtures the network, and leads the parade of travelers seeking extraordinary experiences. He’s quick to get his hands dirty on projects and happy to slow down to connect with partners, members, and the team.

John Ellenberger | Technology | Seattle

When he’s not engineering software and watching cat videos (he has to because he doesn’t have any cats of his own, sadly), John makes video games and plays tabletop games. And on Sundays from September to January, you can find him screaming his head off at the ‘Hawks game.

Joy Bean | Marketing | Seattle

Joy delivers just that to your inbox – she is the friendly face behind all of our emails and deals. We suspect that Joy’s effusive energy is the reason behind our low unsubscribe rate.

Kristine Ladd | Partner Advocacy | San Diego

Kristine knows what hoteliers need and want, because she used to run the show at a leading independent hotel. When she takes a break from work, she catches an A's game, or nonchalantly runs a marathon.

Mathew Bockus | Technology | Seattle

Matt is our go-to guy when computers break, projects need scope definitions, and wine recommendations need to be made. He is also on more company committees than we knew existed.

Patrick Roby | Technology | Seattle

Patrick is a team player on and off the field. As Senior Developer, he works with the rest of the dev team to make the Stash tech “super awesome” (his words). As a man in the world, he volunteers for a local search and rescue association and teaches wilderness navigation courses. He hails from Duluth, MN (The Zenith City) and his airport guilty pleasure: skittles.

Sandy Anuras | CTO | Seattle

What do you get when you cross a product and technology background, thoughtful leadership, attention to culinary detail, one cat-like dog named Banana, and a Trello-based vacation itinerary? Sandy Anuras, Chief Technology Officer. Sandy steers the tech, product, and member support services teams full steam ahead.  

Sasha Martyanova | Support | Seattle

Sasha never rests. She’s our utility player, jumping in and taking care of redemptions and any member questions that just can’t wait. She’s a rock star at Stash and rock royalty in her spare time.