Moonrise Hotel

  • 6177 Delmar In The Loop, St. Louis MO 63112
  • 314.721.1111

~ Cocktails on the roof under the world's largest manmade moon ~

One giant leap for hotels

The Moonrise is in the Delmar Loop—the optimal launch pad for St. Louis fun. The ongoing, rocking concert schedule at the Pageant nightclub and Blueberry Hill are in the neighborhood; so is the Pin Up Bowl: a bowling alley and a martini bar—why choose? The Rooftop Terrace Bar at the Moonrise serves cocktails and apps under the world's largest manmade moon, with gorgeous views of the city skyline and Forest Park (the park's woodsy trails are just 4 blocks away).

Moonrise manmade moon against the STL skyGlowing black and white moonscapes and retro-but-comfy furniture in the lobby (white eggcup chairs to nestle into) create a lively, boutique-y vibe to match the energy of the neighborhood. Eclipse restaurant is full of moon memorabilia, from Kennedy meets Armstrong shots to moon-shot lunchboxes, and serves upscale food with down-home flavors: Fleur de Sel Steak Frites, Espresso Ribs, and a selection of bourbon cocktails. 


The Moonrise Hotel is less than 20 minutes from the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport, in St. Louis' lively Loop District.

6177 Delmar In The Loop, St. Louis MO 63112
Moonrise Hotel

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